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About the Deena Abdul Brand:  “The Power of A Purse.”

Deena Gabr, an Egyptian born designer and the creative director at Deena Abdul, creates handbags inspired by modern fashion and ancient Egyptian art. The love for her country, it’s fashion, and culture has led her on a journey creating handbags crafted with meaningful purpose and inspiring stories.

Her cultural background and international travels inspire her designs. Deena elected to manufacture products in Egypt despite of the political unrest which has manifested over the past few years Deena Has recently relocated her mission to Chicago, IL. Her mission is to focus on branding and on business growth development for those interested in the industry.

Using the latest technology and emerging new community programs, Deena Abdul is setting the bar high in Chicago, IL. Alongside Morgan Stanley, she is proud to be acknowledging “The Power of A Purse.”

Deena Abdul’s Creations: “It’s more than a bag, it’s a purpose.”

All of the handbags and leather accessories are designed with art and culture in mind. It also reflects the power and elegance of a woman via bold and structural creations.

Her designs are handmade by local artisans in Egypt, Nigeria, London, Morocco, and the USA. With gorgeous exotic skins and detailed designs, she combines form and function.

In addition, she is also proud to showcase the talent and creations of other designers from different parts of the world.  She is currently featuring designers, artists, and manufacturers in several regions of the world as well as empowering women through educational programs.

Lea Lariosa Forteza Creations

Lea Lariosa Forteza. The designer behind the brand name ‘Forteza’ is a Filipino Artist who designs accessories and apparel and has worked along-side renowned celebrity designers in Manila, Dubai and Pakistan. She has designed for the affluent customers in these countries.

She founded the brand Forteza in 2010 after successfully graduating from a prestigious design school in Manila Philippines. Her passion for art and creating unique pieces enabled her to create one of kind ART, jeweled bags, which are carried on special occasions such as weddings and parties by Eastern Women.

Her designs are a fusion of her love for the beautiful colorful heritage of Pakistan and the artistry of the Philippines. Most of her bags are adorned and embedded with semi precious rubies, lapis lazuli, jade turquoise, semi precious stones and Swarovski elements that are artistically and beautifully decorated on the bags.

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